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Mission Statement

The Arc of Wayne Foundation has been organized and will operate exclusively to support Wayne County Chapter NYSARC, Inc. (Wayne ARC).

Funding will take shape in the form of fund raising activities, soliciting and accepting donated funds, grants, bequests, devises, trust remainders, and other gifts and donations.

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Thanks to the ARC of Wayne Foundation, this year from September 6-9, five staff and all seven men from the High Street IRA went camping at DeWolf Point State Park. While in the Thousand Islands, the group enjoyed an Uncle Sam's boat tour taking in the amazing scenery and a great dinner at a five star restaurant where everyone engaged in great conversation. After visiting a live bait shop each individual was given the opportunity to catch their own fish. A campfire took place each night to bring closure to the day where s'mores were made and everyone talked about the day's experiences. All of the campers came home with an abundance of souvenirs and stories. They are already talking about the trip they will take next year.

High Street IRA Goes Camping

High Street IRA Camping in the 1000 Islands


Contact Information

The Arc of Wayne Foundation
150 Van Buren Street
Newark, NY 14513

Attn: David Johnson

(315) 331-7741

Arc of Wayne Foundation 35th Annual Golf Tournament


335th Annual Golf Tournament
June 26, 2017

Wayne Hills Country Club

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34th Golf Tourney raises over $30,000

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Roosevelt Children's Center receives grant to purchase a bounce house

Roosevelt Children’s Center was the recipient of a 2015 grant from the Arc of Wayne Foundation for the purchase of a bounce house.

One of RCC’s Special Education Teachers who teaches one of the most challenging groups of students at RCC provided the following feedback: (Most of her students are diagnosed on the Austism Spectrum with severe delays in language, social skills and an inability to effectively engage with adults and/or other children.)

“With this bounce house, I see affect in my kids on the spectrum and real happiness and excitement as they bounce and get that motor and movement input. I also see increased eye contact with peers in the bounce house and the ability to tolerate kids in their “space” much better than usual. I hear verbalizations and get more communication, gestural and/or verbal, when they want to go back into the bounce house, and learn to sit with an adult and wait or go to another activity until someone comes out. Lots of good stuff happens!”



Board of Directors

John Tickner, President
Hannelora Reinhardt, Secretary
Steve Felker
Sandy Woodard
David Calhoun
David L. Johnson, Director

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